Webinar: Understanding the Basics of International Tax Avoidance: Methods and Ethics

Understanding the Basics of International Tax Avoidance: Methods and Ethics

Multinational corporations face an unequal world in many ways, including widely varying effective tax rates in different nations (although recent moves by the US, EU and other nations have agreed to start reducing the disparities, by imposing a minimum 15% corporate tax. Nevertheless, the differences in tax rates may shrink, but not disappear.

This webinar is designed to introduce academics and practitioners to the basic methods that have been used by multinationals to pay less tax in higher-tax jurisdictions, by transferring declared taxable profits to lower-taxed countries. This is not a seminar for tax accountants but rather intended as an overview or introduction to a fundamentally important subject, using simple examples that can be understood by instructors, their students and also executives in multinational companies. Across the domain of international business, the sums amount to trillions of dollars.

We will briefly also touch upon the ethics of the subject, while understanding that the term “tax avoidance” encompasses techniques that are just on the right side of legality (that is to say “taking advantage of loopholes” as compared with “tax evasion” which is breaking the regulations or law). Some executives, taking a hard line, will say that it is their fiduciary duty to pay less tax and hence deliver more dividends to shareholders. But other stakeholders would say that the ethics are not that simple or clearcut.

Key Takeaways
1. Understand the basics of international tax avoidance (with examples)
2. Ethics of tax avoidance
3. Government reactions

Thursday, February 17, 2022
11:00AM – 12:00PM EST

About the Speakers

Dr. Farok J. Contractor
Distinguished Professor of Management & Global Business, Rutgers Business School; President, Academy of International Business
Farok J. Contractor, author of eleven books and over 150 scholarly articles holds a Ph.D. and M.B.A. from the Wharton School, and engineering degrees, M.S. (Michigan), and B.S.E. (Bombay). His research covers corporate alliances, emerging markets, outsourcing and offshoring, valuation of intangible assets, the technology transfer process, licensing, and foreign direct investment. He is among the top-ranked contributors of scholarly papers in the field and a recipient of a Silver Medal for the number of contributions to Journal of International Business Studies and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Indian Academy of Management.

He has taught courses and given seminars at leading business schools on four continents, and been a Fulbright Fellow, Unilever Fellow, and worked on projects for UNCTAD.

Farok’s blog for managers, students, policy makers, and educated laypeople covering International Business issues https://globalbusiness.blog has been read by viewers in 172 countries.