Webinar: Global Case Teaching Materials Workshop: How to Develop, Write, and Publish Compact Cases

Global Case Teaching Materials Workshop: How to Develop, Write, and Publish Compact Cases

Three-part webinar series: 9/16, 10/7 and 10/28
Offered in collaboration with Emerald Publishing

Dr. Rebecca Morris, Westfield State University

Learn how to ensure success with international teaching cases and pedagogical resources.
Join us for a three-part webinar on how to write a compact case in business. Compact cases are emerging as a new case format. They are typically under 1,000 words. Hear from our expert, Dr. Rebecca Morris, on how to develop, research, prepare instructor’s materials, and publish a compact case.

The first webinar will cover specifics and approaches on how to develop a compact case. Registrants will then have to opportunity to develop their own case and submit it for judging. During the second webinar we will award three compact case submissions U.S. $150 and discuss do’s and don’ts as key learning objectives. The final webinar will cover how to prepare an instructor’s manual and submission for publication of your case.

Key takeaways:
• Learn from the leading compact case author! Compact case examples will be shared with registrants along with valuable research best practices.
• The first ten cases submitted for review will be reviewed by experts in business and management research. The top three cases will be awarded a monetary grant to support further development.
• The final webinar in this three-part webinar series will dive in to how to prepare a thorough instructor’s manual to support instruction, pedagogy, and theoretical applications in the classroom.

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About the Speakers

Dr. Rebecca Morris
Professor and Chair, Westfield State University
Editor-in-Chief, The CASE Journal

Rebecca is a Past-President and Fellow of The CASE Association and a Past-President and Fellow of the North American Case Research Association (NACRA). Her cases have been published in the top three case journals—the Case Research Journal, The CASE Journal and the Business Case Journal. Two of the cases she mentored as a faculty supervisor have won NACRA’s Best Student Authored Case Award. Rebecca’s cases on Nike, GlaxoSmithKline, Abbott Labs, and Kodak have appeared in more than 20 textbooks including all of the major textbooks in strategic management. She is a frequent presenter at The Case Association and NACRA annual meetings and was the keynote speaker at the ALAC meeting in Monterrey, Mexico in 2007, the WACRA meeting in Lima, Peru in 2016, and the WACRA meeting in Rotterdam, Netherlands in 2018.

Rebecca has served as the Editor-in-Chief of The CASE Journal since 2016. During this time, the journal moved from three issues per year to six issues per year. Dr. Morris writes editorial letters on case writing, case research and/or case teaching. The focus of these letters is to shape and advance the field of case research, writing and pedagogy. TCJ has published 24 editorial essays authored by Dr. Morris. Many of her editorial letters have been listed in the most frequently downloaded articles of the year.

Currently, Rebecca serves as Chair of the Economics and Management Department at Westfield State University in Westfield, MA. Previously, she taught strategic management and international business courses for 32 years at The University of Nebraska at Omaha. She is the author of Emerald Publishing’s forthcoming resource handbook on writing and teaching with compact cases.