Webinar: Family Business Navigating Global Crisis

Posted On June 22, 2020
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Family Business Navigating Global Crisis


Dr. Qian Cecilia Gu, Georgia State University

Francesca Sanguineti, University of Pavia

Dr. Attila Yaprak, Wayne State University


Webinar recording from July 9, 2020

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Family business makes up an important part of the global economy. Due to the involvement of three overlapping elements (i.e., family, business, and ownership), family business is different from other types of organizations. While some family businesses struggle to survive into the third generation, others tend to perform well over time compared to their corporate counterparts.

As humanity copes with the effects of the current COVID-19 crisis, family businesses may be able to play an important role in helping both businesses and consumers in navigating through the many market and technological uncertainties that this crisis has created, and no doubt will further create in the future. Yet, we know very little about that role. The purpose of this webinar is to develop a deeper understanding of that role so that thoughtful managers and policy-makers can develop more forceful responses to the new challenges they are now facing due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The webinar will address the following:

  • The unique features of family businesses that provide advantages for them to respond to the COVID-19 crisis;
  • The challenges family businesses face and how they can convert these challenges into business opportunities during and in the post-pandemic world;
  • The role of organizational and national culture in shaping the effectiveness of these response strategies.


About the Speakers







Dr. Qian Cecilia Gu
Associate Professor of International Business
Georgia State University

Dr. Gu’s research interests lie at the intersection of corporate strategy and international business, focusing on how emerging market firms respond to increasing global competitions and opportunities. Her works appear in the Administrative Science QuarterlyStrategic Management JournalJournal of International Business StudiesJournal of Management, and Personnel Psychology, among others. Dr. Gu has taught courses for undergraduates, MBA, EMBA, and MIB on topics of corporate strategy, international business, & family business. She also serves on the editorial boards of Journal of Business ResearchJournal of World Business, & Management and Organization Review. Dr. Gu is recently recognized as the Best 40 Under 40 Business Professors by Poets & Quants. She has been elected five times as the GSU IIB Professor of the Year Award. She is also a recipient of the SMS Best Reviewer Award, MOR Best Reviewer Award, IACMR Li Ning Dissertation Proposal Award, and China’s National Scholarship.








Francesca Sanguineti
PhD Candidate
University of Pavia

Francesca Sanguineti is a third-year doctoral student from the University of Pavia, Italy. After having occupied managerial roles in the retail fashion industry, she decided to pursue a career in research and academia and began her Ph.D. studies in Applied Economics and Management. Her research interest fields are International Business and Entrepreneurship, with a particular focus on entrepreneurial exit, fashion, and family business.

During her second year, she spent a semester at Georgia State University in CIBER as a visiting scholar. Here, she had the opportunity to participate in doctoral seminars and workshops, share the experience with insightful colleagues, structure her dissertation thesis, and learn from renowned international scholars.








Dr. Attila Yaprak
Professor of Marketing and International Business
Wayne State University

Dr. Yaprak has been a professor of marketing at Wayne State University for 30 years. He is a member of the Academy of International Business, American Marketing Association and Academy of Marketing Science.

Areas of expertise include International business issues, U.S.-China and U.S.-India trade and investment problems/prospects, U.S. trade problems/prospects with Japan and/or Europe, U.S.-Canada trade issues, Strategic alliances in the auto industry, Impact of globalization on business and labor, U.S.-Latin America issues, U.S.-Middle East issues. Research interests include cross-national consumer behavior, international strategic alliances, international marketing strategy, marketing in emerging economies, marketing research.





The International Business Webinar Series is a project of the national CIBER Minority Serving Institution (MSI) Consortium, led by Georgia State University CIBER and sponsored by CIBERs at Florida International University, George Washington University, Indiana University, Loyola Marymount University, Michigan State University, Temple University, Texas A&M University, University of Colorado-Denver, and the University of Maryland. This program is partially funded by the U.S. Department of Education.



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