Virtual Vitality: International Business Research Center Sees Opportunity in Online Shift

In a story published by Global Atlanta on August 6, 2020, Executive Director Tamer Cavusgil shares details about a pivot made by GSU-CIBER during the pandemic. Take a behind-the-scenes look into the prolific International Business Webinar Series, a new project sponsored by the national CIBER MSI Consortium led by GSU-CIBER. The more »

Robinson Prof: Globalization to Return ‘in a New Phase and a New Form’

In a story published by Global Atlanta on May 1, 2020, Phil Bolton shares details from a recent webinar in which GSU-CIBER Executive Director S. Tamer Cavusgil and Dr. Spyridon Batas from the University of Greenwich discuss  COVID-19 and the global economy. The full story is available on Global Atlanta’s website… more »