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Virtual Vitality: International Business Research Center Sees Opportunity in Online Shift

In a story published by Global Atlanta on August 6, 2020, Executive Director Tamer Cavusgil shares details about a pivot made by GSU-CIBER during the pandemic. Take a behind-the-scenes look into the prolific International Business Webinar Series, a new project sponsored by the national CIBER MSI Consortium led by GSU-CIBER. The more »

A Report on Brazilian multinationals by Tamer Cavusgil and Gabriel Vouga

December 2016

Seeking to collaborate with the efforts to understand the internationalization process of Emerging Market firms, the Brazilian Multinationals Observatory (BMO) has been conducting studies and monitoring Brazilian FDI worldwide.

Tamer Cavusgil and Gabriel Vouga present a special report about how Brazilian multinationals expand throughout Latin American countries. Read the report

Interdisciplinary perspectives on the middle class phenomenon in emerging markets

Posted On June 13, 2016

International Business Review, Special Issue, Vol. 25, Issue 3, June, 2016.

Guest Editors: S. Tamer Cavusgil, Georgia State University & Peter J. Buckley, Leeds University Business School, UK

The articles in this special issue discuss a variety of aspects that determine the middle class behavior in emerging markets:

Interdisciplinary perspectives on the middle class phenomenon… more »

Country-risk measurement and analysis: A new conceptualization and managerial tool

Posted On September 28, 2015
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by Brown, Christopher L., S. Tamer Cavusgil, A. Wayne Lord International Business Review 24, no. 2 (2015): 246–265

Abstract Country risk analysis has been a topic of investigation for decades, often focused on forecasting the risks to business profitability and assets when investing in a country. While there have been gradual improvements in the analytic techniques and… more »

Delineating Foreign Market Potential: A Tool for International Market Selection

Posted On September 28, 2015
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Ozturk, Ayse, Eric Joiner, S. Tamer Cavusgil Thunderbird International Business Review 57, no. 2 (2015): 119–141

Abstract International expansion is becoming more imperative in today’s marketplace. However, determining which markets best suit a specific company is not a straightforward task. This study tackles the question of how managers should go about identifying, evaluating, and selecting foreign markets. For… more »

Managing global megaprojects: Complexity and risk management

Posted On September 28, 2015
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by Kardes, Ilke, Ayse Ozturk, S. Tamer Cavusgil, Erin Cavusgil International Business Review 22, no. 6 (2013): 905–917

Abstract “Megaproject,” a concept of growing importance in today’s globally connected business environment, requires a closer examination as a result of the expansion of global networks, increasing collaborations among numerous partners, and the complexity of managing such projects. Yet, given… more »

Do barriers to export vary for born globals and across stages of internationalization? An empirical inquiry in the emerging market of Turkey

Posted On September 28, 2015
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by Uner, M. Mithat, Akin Kocak, Erin Cavusgil, S. Tamer Cavusgil International Business Review 22, no. 5 (2013): 800-813

Abstract Although the literature on export barriers has been growing, this issue of whether barriers to export exhibit significant differences among firms has not been addressed. In particular, the question of whether these impediments are uniform… more »

Reflections on international marketing: destructive regeneration and multinational firms

Posted On September 28, 2015
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by Cavusgil, S. Tamer, Erin Cavusgil Academy of Marketing Science. Journal 40, no. 2 (2012): 202-217

Abstract Constant in the evolution of the business enterprise has been its relentless search for competitive advantage. What has been phenomenally different about this quest is that it is, increasingly, a global landscape that defines the firm’s opportunities and… more »

Building Market-Based Assets in a Globally Competitive Market: A Longitudinal Study of Automotive Brands

Posted On September 28, 2015
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by Townsend, Janell D., S. Tamer Cavusgil, Roger J. Calantone Interdisciplinary Approaches to Product Design, Innovation, & Branding in International Marketing (Advances in International Marketing, Volume 23), K. Scott Swan, Shaoming Zou (eds.), Emerald Group Publishing Limited (2012): 3-37

Abstract Understanding the impact of marketing-related investments on market-based assets is a fundamental issue for marketers.… more »