Webinar: The Student Goal Centered Syllabus© — A new tool to Enhance Student Engagement and Learning

The Student Goal Centered Syllabus© — A new tool to Enhance Student Engagement and Learning



Sarah Ku, Georgia State University

Elizabeth Napier, The University of Toledo

John Riesenberger, Consilium Partners, Inc.


Webinar recording from October 29, 2020

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Over 75% of students report higher levels of anxiety, depression and stress due to the global corona-virus pandemic.

This is also affecting instructors as campuses open back up for an unprecedented blend of remote and in person learning. These, and other factors, are negatively impacting student engagement and learning.

We note that there is an unfortunate gap between what students are taught in college and what they are expected to know to be career ready post-graduation.

Thus, how can we help our students through these challenging times?

In this webinar, we share tips and tools on how instructors can become more compassionate and effective educators.  As we begin to rethink how we connect with our students, there is an opportunity to build greater rapport by understanding their career goals, their need for the development of both hard and soft skills, and by placing greater focus on relevant course content.

We present techniques on how each of us can make a positive and inspiring first-impression with our students by utilizing the innovative Student Goal Centered Syllabus©.

The Student Goal Centered Syllabus© has been designed to cultivate a more collaborative, relationship-building environment.  It links student career goals to the course Learning Outcomes.  It utilizes a different tone, uses first and second person language, and utilizes a unique visual format appealing to a new generation of students.

At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Identify hard skills and soft skills that are not currently emphasized in many business syllabus and classes.
  • Discover student career goals and link them to the course Learning Outcomes and the skills desired by today’s employers.
  • Utilize the Student Goal Centered Syllabus© to increase student interest, engagement, and learning.


About the Speakers

Sarah Ku
PhD Candidate
Georgia State University

Sarah Ku is a PhD candidate at Georgia State University studying marketing and international business. After spending almost a decade starting and managing a medical device company, she now researches sustainable waste management through marketing biomimicry. Her research and teaching philosophies focus on cooperative and collaborative strategies and relationship-building to stimulate sustainable outcomes. She designs her courses by prioritizing the development of both hard and soft skills to help students be successful in life, not just in the classroom. She fosters active discussions and critical thinking through sharing her experiences and cultivating her students to share their own. http://www.sarahku.com


Dr. Elizabeth Napier
Assistant Professor of Marketing and International Business
The University of Toledo

Dr. Elizabeth Napier is an Assistant Professor of Marketing and International Business at The University of Toledo. Her corporate background consists of experience in digital marketing for startups and nonprofit organizations. Currently, she teaches an introductory course on the Globalization of Business and a senior level course on International Marketing. She is also a member of the University of Toledo International Business curriculum committee. Her teaching philosophy utilizes a communication-based methodology to frame and solve business problems through the operationalization of hard and soft skills. The design of her courses aims to inspire student mastery through active engagement and participation to better connect with the new generation of students.


John Riesenberger
Consilium Partners, Inc.

John Riesenberger has served as a U.S. and international pharmaceutical senior business executive.   He has successfully co-authored articles, books and textbooks on International Business.  John served as a Clinical Professor of Executive Development, Corporate Learning Group, at the Thunderbird School of Global Management.  His passion is assisting students and business executives in the development of the intangible, durable, people (soft) skills essential for employability and success.  Critical to this effort is assisting instructors in linking student personal career goals with course learning outcomes, relevant content and class activities.


The International Business Webinar Series is a project of the national CIBER Minority Serving Institution (MSI) Consortium, led by Georgia State University CIBER and sponsored by CIBERs at Florida International University, George Washington University, Indiana University, Loyola Marymount University, Michigan State University, Temple University, Texas A&M University, University of Colorado-Denver, and the University of Maryland. This program is partially funded by the U.S. Department of Education.



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