September 2017: Elizabeth Napier Participates in GW CIBER Summer Doctoral Institute Program

Elizabeth Napier Participates in GW CIBER Summer Doctoral Institute Program
Every summer George Washington University’s Center for International Business Education and Research, also referred to as CIBER, hosts a small select group of doctoral students. I was fortunate enough to sit down and speak with a participant from last year’s session.
Elizabeth Napier is currently in her third year of Georgia State University’s International Business Doctoral Program. Ms. Napier received her undergraduate degree from Georgia State in 2011, and after spending a few years in the workforce, she rediscovered her passion for research whilst in GSU’s International Business Master’s program. This passion was put to the test as she spent three months analyzing data, attending research seminars, and creating a thesis proposal.

“GW’s Summer Doctoral program was an amazing experience! The best part of this program was the relationships I created with my mentor and the other students. My mentor was amazing, and I’m grateful for all the time he spent working with me. His guidance scholastical-ly, and professionally, was invaluable.

“The group of scholars I worked with was so diverse ethnically, and scholastically, they all really helped me to look at my work from different vantage points. Out of the five students, I was the only one from the United States, and there was only one other individual studying International Business. Hao Wang, from China, was the one other person studying International Business, Long Tran a Public Affairs student from Vietnam, Sujeong Shim, an International Affairs student from South Korea, and Roisin Donnelly from Ireland whose studies focused on Macroeconomics. We are all still close and message each other frequently, but I do miss our Roundtable Discussions and our weekly Game of Thrones movie nights.”

Ms. Napier credits her enjoyment of the program to the other scholars and her mentor. Dr. Pardeep Rau, the Chairman of George Washington’s Marketing Department, spent his summer working directly with Ms. Napier on her project for the program. Together they focused on trade competitiveness from a country level of analysis, and after two months of work, their research was accepted to the Academy of International Business South East Conference. This means that Ms. Napier will continue to work with Dr. Rau, and will be back in Washington D.C this fall to present their findings.

“I’m so glad Dr. Tamer Cavusgil suggested I apply to this program, it’s an experience I’ll never forget. And, Dr. Pardeep Rau was an amazing mentor. If it wasn’t for our similar interests in the research I don’t know if I would’ve been accepted into this program. Luckily for me, Dr. Rau and George Washington’s selection committee found my research topic interesting.

“Even though trade competitiveness is slightly out of my research interest, which is corporate social responsibility and sustainability, I still believe there are linkages between being competitive and CSR. Because in my point of view CSR makes a company more competitive.”

“I want to focus my work on sustainability because as world resources are dwindling there have been more consumers focused on the eco-footprint of a company. I find this interesting, because I as well make purchase decisions like this, and I believe it’s a way for companies to generate market appeal.”

Currently, Ms. Napier is narrowing the topics for her dissertation but it seems it will be in the realm of sustainability. She is very passionate about this subject, and her studies. Even though the course load is demanding, Ms. Napier remains upbeat and is excited about her future.

“My career goals are to remain in academia and continue my research in Marketing, CSR, and Sustainability. I would love to be a research professor, but I enjoy teaching as well! My dream position would be as a professor at the University of California, Berkley. They are a top-notch university with a really good research program, and California also has great weather.”