Language Training

Georgia State is one of the few universities in the Southeast that offer a large number of critical languages that include Arabic, Mandarin, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Hebrew (Modern) and Turkish. In all, nine languages deemed critical by the U.S. Department of Education are taught regularly at Georgia State University.

Course # Course Title
Arbc 1001 Elementary Arabic I
Arbc 1002 Elementary Arabic II
Arbc 1101 Intensive Elementary Arabic
Arbc 2001 Intermediate Arabic I
Arbc 2002 Intermediate Arabic II
Arbc 3001 Advanced Arabic I
Arbc 3002 Advanced Arabic II
Arbc 4502 Modern Arabic Lit In Trans Ctw
Arbc 4890 Independent Study
Arbc 4999 Directed Readings
Chin 1001 Elementary Chinese I
Chin 1002 Elementary Chinese II
Chin 2001 Intermediate Chinese I
Chin 2002 Intermediate Chinese II
Chin 3001 Advanced Chinese I
Chin 3002 Advanced Chinese II
Chin 3395 Study Abroad
Chin 3396 Study Abroad
Chin 3397 Study Abroad
Fren 1001 Elementary French I
Fren 1002 Elementary French II
Fren 2001 Intermediate French I
Fren 2002 Intermediate French II
Fren 3013 Intensive Grammar Review
Fren 3023 Advanced Conversation & Composition
Fren 3033 Intro/Analysis Of Lit Texts-CTW
Fren 3395 Study Abroad
Fren 3396 Study Abroad
Fren 3397 Study Abroad
Fren 4043 French For Intl Business II
Fren 4063 Practicum in French
Fren 4123 Contemporary France-Ctw
Fren 4303 Fr Lit Classical Period
Fren 4414 Special Topics In French Lit
Fren 4990 Independent Study
Fren 4999 Directed Readings
Fren 6063 Contemporary France
Fren 6109 French For Intl Business II
Fren 6990 Independent Study
Fren 6999 Directed Readings
Fren 8250 Topics in Hist of Ideas
Fren 8895 Research
Fren 8999 Thesis Research
Grmn 1001 Elementary German I
Grmn 1002 Elementary German II
Grmn 2001 Intermediate German I
Grmn 2002 Intermediate German II
Grmn 3301 Advanced German I
Grmn 3302 Advanced German II
Grmn 3311 Intro Reading German Lit
Grmn 3395 Study Abroad
Grmn 3396 Study Abroad
Grmn 3397 Study Abroad
Grmn 4414 Topics In German Lit
Grmn 4431 Hon/German For Intl Busnss I
Grmn 4465 Practicum In German
Grmn 4990 Independent Study
Grmn 4999 Directed Readings
Grmn 6990 Independent Study
Hbrb 1001 Elementary Biblical Hebrew I
Hbrm 1001 Elementary Modern Hebrew I
Hbrm 1002 Elementary Modern Hebrew II
Hbrm 2001 Intermediate Modern Hebrew I
Hbrm 2002 Intermediate Modern Hebrew II
Hbrm 4999 Directed Readings Mod Hebrew
Ital 1001 Elementary Italian I
Ital 1002 Elementary Italian II
Ital 2001 Intermediate Italian I
Ital 2002 Intermediate Italian II
Ital 3303 Italian Cultural Expression
Ital 4043 Italian For Intl Business II
Ital 4414 Hon Topics Italian Literature
Ital 4990 Independent Study
Ital 4995 Directed Readings B.I.S.-Ctw
Ital 4999 Directed Reading
Japn 1001 Elementary Japanese I
Japn 1002 Elementary Japanese II
Japn 1101 Intensive Elementary Japanese
Japn 2001 Intermediate Japanese I
Japn 2002 Intermediate Japanese II
Japn 3001 Advanced Japanese I
Japn 3002 Advanced Japanese II
Japn 3010 Listening/Pronunciation Clinic
Japn 3011 Advanced Japanese III
Japn 3013 Intensive Grammar Review
Japn 4990 Independent Study
Japn 4999 Directed Readings
Kore 1001 Elementary Korean I
Kore 1002 Elementary Korean II
Kore 2001 Intermediate Korean I
Kore 2002 Intermediate Korean II
Latn 1001 Elementary Latin I
Latn 1002 Elementary Latin II
Latn 2001 Intermediate Latin
Latn 4070 Sem In Lat Prose & Poetry
Latn 4999 Directed Readings
Latn 6103 Seminar In Latin Poetry
Latn 6999 Directed Readings
Port 1001 Elementary Portuguese I
Port 1002 Elementary Portuguese II
Port 2001 Intermediate Portuguese I
Port 2002 Intermediate Portuguese II
Prsn 1001 Elementary Persian I
Prsn 1002 Elementary Persian II
Prsn 2001 Intermediate Persian I
Prsn 2002 Intermediate Persian II
Russ 1001 Elementary Russian I
Russ 1002 Elementary Russian II
Russ 2001 Intermediate Russian I
Russ 2002 Intermediate Russian II
Span 1001 Elementary Spanish I
Span 1002 Elementary Spanish II
Span 1101 Intensive Elementary Spanish
Span 2001 Intermediate Spanish I
Span 2002 Intermediate Spanish II
Span 2101 Intensive Intermediate Spanish
Span 2203 Intermediate Spanish III
Span 3303 Advanced Grammar I
Span 3305 Adv. Conversation & Reading
Span 3307 Intro Study Of Lit Texts-Ctw
Span 3308 Intro To Spanish Linguistics
Span 3310 Hispanic Culture-Ctw
Span 3314 Hispanic Literature
Span 3395 Study Abroad
Span 3396 Study Abroad
Span 4405 Span For Intl Busnss I
Span 4409 Techniques Of Translation
Span 4450 Special Topics In Linguistics
Span 4454 Contemp Latin Amer Novel
Span 4465 Practicum In Spanish
Span 4480 Special Tops: Hispanic Culture
Span 4890 Contemporary Mexican Fiction
Span 4990 Independent Study
Span 4999 Directed Readings
Span 6135 Intro: Theory & Pract Of Trans
Span 6605 Span For Intl Busnss I
Span 6999 Directed Readings
Span 7135 Intro: Theory & Prac Of Trans
Span 7145 Specialized Translation II
Span 7151 Spanish For Reading
Span 8710 Spec Tops: Span App Lings
Span 8845 Lat-Am Lit: Conq To 1900s
Span 8880 Spec Topics In Span Lit
Span 8895 Research
Span 8999 Thesis Research
Swah 1002 Elementary Swahili II
Swah 2001 Intermediate Swahili I
Swah 2002 Intermediate Swahili II
Turk 1001 Elementary Turkish I
Turk 1002 Elementary Turkish II
Turk 2001 Intermediate Turkish I
Turk 2002 Intermediate Turkish II