Lucky Student Visits Belgium as Part of Internship

Kelsey ScantlandKelsey Scantland, a senior in the Robinson College of Business, recently visited Belgium, accompanied by professor Margaret Sherman and Phil Bolton from GlobalAltanta. Kelsey has been interning at GlobalAtlantasince the beginning of January. The purpose of the five-day trip  in January 2012 was to learn more about the connections between Belgium and Georgia.

Benoit Standaert, the Consulate General for the Southeast of the United States, met the group in Brussels. First, they visited the Royal Museum of Central Africa, which was opened by King Leopold II in 1898. This museum focuses mostly on displays relating to research and regarding biology in the Congo.

The next day, they attended a press conference for Eva Joly, French presidential candidate for the Green Party. She outlined what Green policies she would enact as president. That afternoon they visited the Parliamentarium Museum, which is devoted to teaching about the history of the European Union and the EU Parliament. The museum offers free interactive audio guides in many different languages, so that every European can listen in their own native language.

One of the most interesting aspects of the trip was the visit to the Port of Antwerp. The port is the second largest in Europe and continues to be deepened in order to receive larger container carriers. With 165,000 employees, the port shipped 186 million tons of containers in 2011.The visit to the Port  of Antwerp was particularly relevant as Savannah is in the process of making a decision about whether  or not it should  deepen its own port in Georgia. The return on investment for deepening Antwerp’s port in 2010 is estimated to be only 10 years and the port has already experienced 5% growth in tons of containers from 2010 to 2011. The visit showed the importance of deepening the Savannah Port to Georgia’s economy.

These were only some of the educational visits that Kelsey and the team made while in Belgium. Kelsey stated, “The trip was an amazing experience and has helped me learn more about the European Union and its importance in the world today.” She also said “Brussels is one of my new favorite cities and I would love to go back and visit.”