International Internships

In addition to tapping into the corporate community in Atlanta, GSU-CIBER is expanding its relationships with more than 40 bi-national chambers of commerce and local consulates to create additional internship opportunities for GSU undergraduate students. Through these internships, students would have the opportunity not only to interact with the international community, but also display their work product through GlobalAtlanta.

The main purpose of this program is to have the assigned students work side-by-side with consulates and provide assistance in feeding back information to the GlobalAtlanta website. It is believed that this program would be a wonderful resume builder and exposure to real-world experience and foreign cultures. Creating these relationships can also provide potential benefits for the MIB program, such as assistance in finding internships abroad. Two directed reading courses were created for two GSU RCB honors students, Ashley Knight and Youssef Zniber, to work directly with Benoit Standaert, Consul General of Belgium, and Phil Bolton, president of GlobalAtlanta during fall 2011. A new course, “International Business Field Study,” was created for this internship program. Several students are being interviewed and selected every semester to take advantage of this opportunity.

How to Apply

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