We live in an increasingly complex and interconnected world. As future leaders for business, education, the nonprofit sector and public service, students need to be globally competent. Global competence implies gaining:

  • knowledge and skills associated with international, global and intercultural content areas such as language, geography, politics and history
  • the ability to seek out and use diverse sources of information to inform decision making
  • the ability to live and work effectively in diverse settings and with diverse individuals, and to engage in communities of practice as citizens and scholars

CIBER at Georgia State University is committed to assist you in acquiring this critical knowledge and skills.

Are you looking for a study abroad opportunity to learn about foreign business practices and cultures? Are you wishing to own your leadership skills through a student organization such as the AIESEC or the International Business Alliance? Are you interested in learning Mandarin or Arabic? Are you a doctoral student seeking funds to collect international data? CIBER can help you with these goals and others.