CIMaR (Consortium for International Marketing Research)

Hosted by Georgia State University CIBER

The Origins

cimar_logoMany researchers are concerned about the generalizability of their research findings in cross-cultural, cross-national settings. Many pursue research topics in a single national environment and wonder if their research results would be confirmed in different contexts.

In 1993, a small number of researchers from across several countries, whose major research interests focus on the internationalization of firms and export behavior, have decided to collaborate in future projects. With the leadership of Professor S. Tamer Cavusgil, then Michigan State University CIBER Founding Executive Director, and Professor Catherine N. Axinn of Ohio University (an MSU alum), an informal research alliance was then formed, known as the Consortium for International Marketing Research (CIMaR).


As an informal, scholarly network, CIMaR consortium members have agreed to undertake joint research projects in order to make significant contributions to the knowledge and practice of international marketing. The extent of collaboration includes:

  • development of research agendas
  • conceptualization and construct development
  • instrument design, and data collection
  • analysis and jointly-authored works

In addition to annual meetings to discuss and/or initiate joint research, CIMaR members also meet at professional meetings such as the Academy of International Business and the American Marketing Association, and extend invitations to visit each other’s campuses. In addition, they arrange for their doctoral students to study at members’ schools.

Mutual Agreement

CIMaR is always open to new participants. However, all membersof the Consortium for International Marketing Research commit to:

  1. Jointly develop research proposals and ideas
  2. Work toward development of a standard/uniform set of definitions and measures for key constructs in joint research projects
  3. Execute simultaneous data collection in the creation of a “multi-national” data base
  4. Share the entire data-bases collected for joint research projects
  5. Make a long-term commitment to conducting a series of studies in a programmatic manner
  6. Exchange papers derived from the CIMaR activity
  7. Provide timely and constructive feedback on the papers of other members
  8. Make recommendations about placement of papers and publication strategies
  9. Communicate freely and often to prevent duplication of effort
  10. Acknowledge the role of the other members of CIMaR in providing data, support, analysis, etc. in every publication or presentation based on CIMaR – related collaboration.

Annual Meetings

CIMaR Annual Meetings 

Productivity of CIMaR Network

To date, several hundred refereed articles and books have been published, featuring the collaborative work of CIMaR members. Also papers presented in some annual meetings were also published in special editions of the Advances in International Marketing. Over the years, research interests of CIMaR network have grown from export marketing to many different aspects of international marketing and business.


Membership of this collaborative research group has grown from less than a dozen to more than 160 experienced as well as young scholars around the globe. All active researchers of international marketing phenomena are welcome to join. There is no membership fee. If you are interested, please contact Professor S. Tamer Cavusgil at Georgia State University CIBER.

CIMaR network members correspond with each other via the CIMaR Interest Group on Linkedin, a moderated discussion group.


For more information, please contact:

Professor S. Tamer Cavusgil

Fuller E. Callaway Professorial Chair

Executive Director

Georgia State University