Media Highlights

GlobalAtlanta is partnering with Georgia State University’s Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) for a series of special reports aimed at helping readers understand emerging markets.

India: Land of Contradictions

A poor country with a burgeoning middle class, where small firms struggle to enter the U.S. market while conglomerates become key generators for American jobs, India is a land of contradictions.

China: Beyond the Hype

China is rising – this fact is no longer news. This report goes beyond the hype, providing on-the-ground reporting and insight on how companies can benefit from the country’s ascent while avoiding its many pitfalls.

Mongolia: Gold Mine or Money Pit

Mongolia is on the move. Multinational mining firms are flocking there, bringing in cash to pull more wealth from the ground. So, is this newly democratic country of 3 million people a gold mine or a money pit for foreign investors? GlobalAtlanta went last year to find out.

Ghana's Gold Coast: Don't Let Tarnish Fool You

Like the precious metal that led colonists to call it the Gold Coast, Ghana’s economy has the glint of opportunity under a layer of dust.