What Participants Said

“For someone like me returning to teaching later in my career, the workshops provided an excellent framework to refresh and develop my skills and to learn about the latest methods that can enhance the student experience.”
Giles Blackburne, University of Leeds

“The workshop gathered outstanding and academically sophisticated scholars and industry leaders to share state of the art knowledge for 21st-century teaching and learning environment. I am glad that I attended.”
Ephraim Okoro, Howard University

“This is my third CIBER workshop in two years and the information presented is invaluable to my teaching and learning of IB content.”
Clovis C. Perry, Jr., Bluegrass Community & Technical College

“The opportunity to the network provides an incredible amount of being able to share and learn new things. I will be able to bring to my class many of the exercises, ideas, and content shared to my students. What an awesome experience.”
Michelle Drew, Fort Valley State University

Wonderful opportunity for professional development and intellectual stimulation in all areas of international business!
Ayse Ozturk, Georgia State University


Quotes from Faculty Fellowship Recipients

“The Pedagogy Faculty Development Workshop was very useful for the courses I teach here at XULA. I started using the resources provided by the workshop leaders in my current summer classes. I plan to continue using them in the Fall Semester. The portal, ibknowledge.com, is another place for useful teaching resources. It was a great opportunity for me to network and exchange ideas with colleagues from different institutions.”
Syed Ahmed, Xavier University of Louisiana

"I consider the pedagogy workshop including the plenary sessions highly valuable and informative. Very soon I will start preparing the course outline of one of my courses that I’ll teach during the Autumn 2017 semester. I’ll desigin the course ouline based on the ‘takeaways’, notes, presentations, and other resources I received during the workshops. I have shared those resources with my collegues at the University of Jyväskylä as well. For a junior teacher and the researcher like me, this workshop was also very beneficial form the networking point of view. During the workshop sessions, I managed to develop my own collaborative network with some senior faculty and research fellows in my field with whom I am now in contact through email and skype, which means that I have already started reaping the benefits of this workshop sooner than my expectations. I’d love to recommend this workshop to others using scoail media as well as WhatsApp messenger application."
Aijaz A. Shaikh, University of Jyväskylä

“I found the event to be inspiring and informative. I will make tremendous use out of the documents and pedagogy techniques shared throughout the program with my students at Lander. For example, I am teaching an Honors course in IB in the Fall Semester and I now feel much more confident about how I will approach this daunting task. In summary, I am very grateful for the chance to attend the event and the fellowship provided. It was an amazing experience that I will treasure for years to come as I implement the useful tactics, technology and wisdom shared.”
Jennifer B. Barhorst, Lander University

“As the only IB faculty at a small college (Saint Anselm College), the CIBER workshops have been the best source of best practices in teaching and research. I also find the networking opportunities invaluable. This is a program that should never stop.”
Dina Frutos-Bencze, Saint Anselm College

“I found the FDIB Globalization Workshops to be an enriching experience. The workshop facilitators share an invaluable amount of knowledge, skills and experiences that take teaching IB to a whole new level. As a second year attendee, I'm still amazed by the breadth of knowledge and experience shared. I look forward to forging new relationships and broadening the scope of my IB courses. Thank you for the opportunity to further develop my IB knowledge.”
Regina C. Ivory Butts, Fort Valley State University

“I learned a lot from the experts leading the workshop. On the teaching side, one of the most important insights is how to motivate students and engage them, since not all my students are in the IB major but international proficiency is crucial for their personal and professional development. On the research side, I learned about new research opportunities and publication strategies from experts in the field. Lastly, I am very inspired by the dedication of the leaders in these workshops and in your CIBER. I am so touched by you all! Thank you very much!”
Feng Helen Liang, Western Kentucky University

“One of the best professional development and learning opportunity that I have had. I am taking away a wealth of knowledge.”
Rubina Malik, Morehouse College

“The International Business Pedagogy Workshops were an amazing opportunity to connect with experts and practitioners across the spectrum, share ideas and best practices and identify gaps in my personal teaching methodologies and subject matter mastery. It was an enlightening experience and I am exceedingly grateful to have had an opportunity to participate. Anyone who is serious about growing their skills and expertise in IB should be in attendance.”
Kanton T. Reynolds, Saint Augustine's University

“Having the great opportunity of participating in this workshop has allowed me to re-think our courses, envisioning more alternatives to enhance the teaching and learning process of our students, our faculty and our program. In addition, thanks to the sharing of experiences, it is possible to further develop projects among diverse institutions, increasing multicultural exchanges and understanding. Thank you very much for this remarkable opportunity.”
Sandra Milena Santamaría-Alvarez, Universidad EAFIT

“This is a wonderful meeting. It is well organized and is the same as expected. There are two parts I love most. One is the shared experience with technology and cases about teaching. The other is research skills shared by Tamer and his colleague. I have learned a lot from them. Looking forward to meeting you again.”
Randy Wanglei, Xian Jiotong University

“Although it was my second time in IB Pedagogy Workshops in Atlanta, I never felt it was a repetition. I have learned a lot from teaching efficiency to classroom technologies, and inspirational teaching and many more pedagogic practices. I certainly feel I am more ready for the coming semester and I am looking forward the next year’s workshop. I cannot thank enough to the master teachers and the program faculty for donating me with so many updated knowledge.”
Meral Yaliniz, Northwood University

Quotes from Award Winners

I can’t thank you, Dr. Cavusgil, and your team enough for organizing this extremely beneficial conference. I am infinitely more prepared to teach global marketing this Fall, and I look forward to trying out many of the resources and ideas I’ve received.
Brady Hodges, Texas A&M University

CIBER Conference June 2017 RCB

From left to right: Danny Overstreet, Emerald Publishing; Mina Logemann, Aalto University; S. Tamer Cavusgil, Georgia State University

I would absolutely recommend to colleagues in international business, management, and cross-cultural communication to attend this very well structured and organized workshop which not only fills you with tons of new ideas for your teaching but also gives you a network of wonderful globally-minded colleagues to share further teaching and research ideas also in future.             Minna Logemann, Aalto University

“I believe that attending the pedagogy workshop is an integral part of my personal development as an educator. These workshops, specifically the individual sessions, allow me to find new and innovative approaches to teaching concepts that can become stale and repetitive semester after semester. I found four or five examples of actual lesson plans that I can tailor and adapt to fit my audience that will help to further "flip" the international business class that I teach. Those were the most informative parts of the workshop and I look forward to attending again next year.”
Cary A. Caro, Xavier University of Louisiana

The CIBER workshops are always rich and professionally rewarding. International Business is changing, even as I write, and staying current is mandatory in "today's world".

-Donald Vest, Clark Atlanta University-

As a junior faculty member, atttending the FDIB Globalization Workshops at GSU has contributed to my career growth and professional development.

-Kimberly Powell, Southern University and A & M College-

A fantastic experience! You will walk away with so many ideas and resource.

-Shirley Stretch-Stephenson, California State University, Los Angeles-

The FDIB workshops provide valuable resources and networking opportunities.

-Dina Frutos-Bencze, Saint Anselm College, UK-

The workshop refresh what I know and inspired what I will do in my class. Great teaching by great teachers.

-Mary Leung, Leeds Beckett University, UK-

This is an event that every IB scholar and teacher should attend

-Meral Yaliniz, Northwood University-

Excellent event. Very well designed and implemented!

-Alex Berman, Temple University-

This is a rare opportunity to learn from IB-oriented business faculty and colleagues.

-Shiri Vivek, Eastern Michigan University-

Thank you for a wonderful session. It certainly reinvigorated me for teaching the class again next semester. The tips, ideas and advice were invaluable.

-Reccia Charles, St. George’s University, West Indies-

In addition to the instructor’s expertise and knowledge, I appreciated their contagious passion and willingness to share their best practices. I’m excited to bring that back to the classroom.

-Jim Ryan, Bradley University-


2015 International Business Pedagogy Workshops

It is a humbling experience to learn from such experts. I am leaving Atlanta with lots of fresh ideas and resources to help educate my students on international management, global issues, strategy, organizational behavior and international marketing… and to entertain them, as with the newer generation of college students, the line between professor and entertainer is fading fast. As a new professor, I also welcomed the validation of some of my practices… it is always good to learn that some of our lecture practices are the right stuff" to implement when teaching IB.
-Juan-Maria Gallego, Lecturer, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs-

Ben and Leigh Ann were both so inspiring and great workshop leaders. I came back to Florida with so much great information. And it was so great to be with a group of colleagues who sharing best practices.
-Ann Langlois, Palm Beach Atlantic University-

FDIB was a great learning experience for me, not only in the design/delivery of my new Global Management MBA course but also in my own personal growth and development.
-Rana Haq, Assistant Professor, Laurentian University-

The three things I appreciate most about the conference were the subject matter expertise and teaching styles of the workshop leaders, the specific pedagogical approaches to teaching IB, and the step by step knowledge and instruction offered during the workshops.
-Anonymous MSI faculty and Fellowship awardee-