Marketing Strategy-Performance Relationship: An Investigation of the Empirical Link in Export Market Ventures

Posted On September 27, 2015
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by Cavusgil, S. Tamer, Shaoming Zou
Journal of Marketing 58, no. 1 (1994): 1-21

The marketing strategy-performance relationship in the context of export ventures is investigated. The study presented differs from previous export marketing studies in that: 1. a comprehensive set of potential determinants of export market performance is considered, 2. the unit of analysis is the individual product-market export venture, rather than the firm or a business division, and 3. the analysis is based on in-depth personal interviews. A conceptual framework of export marketing strategy and performance is proposed and tested by path analysis. The results support the contention that export marketing strategy, firm’s international competence, and managerial commitment are the key determinants of export performance. Export marketing strategy is influenced by internal (firm and product characteristics) and external factors (industry and export market characteristics). Implications for management and further research are discussed.

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