January 2018: Juanita Velez continues to advance her career while giving back by bridging multicultural communities together.

Juanita Velez, a student of Masters of International Business Cohort 2013, continues to advance her career while giving back to bridging multicultural communities together. She has held internships during MIB with Atlanta Convention and Visitors’ Bureau, International Marketing Intern leading to Jobs held with below companies since graduation.
• Global Brand and Sponsorships Specialist, UPS
• International Digital Integrated Communications Supervisor, UPS
• International Social Media Strategist, Delta Air Lines
• Director of Digital Marketing, Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Juanita Velez began her business career as a Latina entrepreneur, co-founding a distribution and exporting company in Florida. She left Miami to advance her studies where she pursued and became a part of the first Master’s in International Business cohort at Georgia State University in 2013. As she became more involved in the Atlanta community by interning at the Atlanta Convention and Visitors’ Bureau, she gained a passion for the commercial internationalization of Atlanta. Human connectivity, communication, and globalization became Juanita’s main passion points, eventually landing her a career with UPS, the global logistics monster. Juanita joined UPS in 2013 as Global Brand and Sponsorships Specialist and was responsible for customer hospitality activation programs for Ferrari Formula 1, The Masters and other international and domestic sponsorships. She was promoted to the International Digital Integrated Communications Supervisor on the UPS International Communications Team. She effectively managed the coordination, development, and execution of integrated communication programs that support UPS’s international marketing and business plans across all regions: APAC, Europe, Americas, Canada, and ISMEA. After a great career with UPS, Juanita took a growing opportunity with Delta as International Social Media Strategist where she is developing the company’s global social media strategy and presence in priority markets across all regions. Her teams continue to be all over the world, both internal and external from Delta.

Juanita’s undergraduate degree is in neuropsychology. She would have never thought that her career would be established a business executive; however, her graduate program exposed her to top leaders of Fortune 1000 companies in her community. Juanita combined a couple of her innate expertise skills: communications, relationship-building, and trust and ensured she connected with each leader after their presentations at her school. After meeting with these leaders, she made sure to follow-up and nurture those relationships throughout her year of her program. By the time Juanita graduated, she had built a network that ranged from over 30 business professionals all on her own. Her mentor was key in helping her set the roadmap of accomplishing her goals; Soar with Your Strengths by Donald O. Clifton and Paula Nelson is a book that was recommended to her that she follows daily. Essentially, she believes that being able to combine the skillsets that she was most successful at, with her passion points created the fuel that ran her engine to her current role. She now works for a company dedicated to bringing the world together, literally, which aligns perfectly with her internal passions and motivations.

Juanita and her family immigrated to Atlanta during the drug war in Medellin in the early 90’s. Although her parents were professionals in her country, they had to start from the beginning in the U.S. All of her sacrifices and hardships she experienced as an immigrant helped Juanita develop an empathetic approach to international cultures. She was determined to use the sacrifice her parents endured for the quick development of her career. She truly believes that the world is only going to get smaller as international commercialization grows. There is no longer a true domestic market that is not interconnected with another market, and this is where U.S. companies are continuing to find growth for their businesses. If it weren’t for her experience as an immigrant, her educational background in understanding the relationship-building process and the graduate program that helped her understand all facets of global business, Juanita would not have been able to become an international marketing expert. She often says,

“You must immerse yourself in whatever role you see yourself in from the beginning so that you can start to learn how to become that professional. You are the only one with the keys to your career journey.”