February 2017: A Conversation With Chante Foster

as1)      What is the name of the study abroad program you participated in, and in what year did you attend?

I participated in the Global Business and Media Study Abroad program to Italy in the summer of 2016. 

2)      Do you feel it influenced you to seek out academic or professional experiences that you may not have before you traveled on the program?

Yes, after being apart of the program I was eager to experience more opportunities abroad. I found out about an internship and in Nairobi Kenya, so I decided to apply. To my surprise, I was accepted and began the internship in the fall. 

3)      Do you feel your experience on the study abroad program in some way led to your internship in Kenya? If so, how?

Yes, it gave me a new perspective on the benefits of traveling. I learned so much about the culture while in Kenya. Often, I would find myself comparing American culture, to African and European culture. I realized that we live in a small world, and I was surprised to learn that my fellow students/ peers around the world shared the same interest as me. 

4)      Could you give me a short description of your internship in Kenya?

Within four months, I helped create a journalism curriculum, which focused on Social Media and Professional reporting. The curriculum will be taught to undergraduate students at a local University in Nairobi.  As an intern for the Sameera Gokal Foundation, we focused on mentorship and service. Towards the end of the program, all of the interns traveled to Nairobi, Kenya to teach and a portion of their curriculum to a classroom for students, instructors, professors and department heads. It was an amazing experience! 

5)      What other academic/professional goals are you thinking of accomplishing next?

The sky’s the limit, and I plan to continue traveling! Right now I’m focused on landing my dream job as a Creative Director, and providing meaningful content for young millennials to enjoy.