2nd World Languages Day. Cosponsored by GSU-CIBER, hosted by CULTR.

On September 19th, Center for Urban Language Teaching and Research (CULTR) of Georgia State University hosted the 2nd World Languages Day to provide students the opportunity to explore the linguistic and international diversity present in our urban communities. The event was cosponsored by GSU-CIBER. For more information, please visit

World Languages Day strives to showcase the linguistic and international diversity present in our urban communities and connect students with leaders in international commerce, social services, and governmental agencies, with international and global connections.

A special issue for “Middle Class in Emerging Markets: Interdisciplinary Perspectives” was published in International Business Review

International Business Review, Special Issue, Vol. 25, Issue 3, June, 2016.

Guest Editors: S. Tamer Cavusgil, Georgia State University & Peter J. Buckley, Leeds University Business School, UK

The articles in this special issue discuss a variety of aspects that determine the middle class behavior in emerging markets:

  • Interdisciplinary perspectives on the middle class phenomenon in emerging markets by Cavusgil, & Buckley >>Read<<
  • The consumption of cruises in Brazil by Rocha, Da Rocha, & Rocha;
  • The self-theory in Brazil by Abdalla, & Zambaldi;
  • The social stratification in China by Song, Cavusgil, Li, & Luo;
  • Entrepreneurship in India by Javalgi, & Grossman;
  • The new middle class in Turkey by Uner and Gungordu;
  • The trading behavior in Turkey by Bamiatzi, Bozos, & Lambertides;
  • Italian fashion brands in emerging market cities by Guercini, & Runfola;
  • Urban-based market potential analysis in Turkey by Kardes;
  • Political freedom by Kandogan, & Johnson;
  • The middle-income trap by Ozturk;
  • Gold consumption by Liu.

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2016 Faculty Development in International Business – Globalization Workshops

Georgia State University’s CIBER hosted the Faculty Development in International Business: Globalization Workshops on June 2-5, 2016.

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The VolleyFest 2016, in celebration of South Africa

The VolleyFest 2016 was organized by the Office of International Initiatives and the Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) on April 19th.


Prof. Cavusgil visited GSU’s partner universities in Turkey.

In April 2016, Prof. Cavusgil visited GSU’s partner universities in Turkey, held discussions on ongoing collaborations, and also made several research presentations. In particular, he spoke to young executives enrolled in the Brand Practitioners Master’s program jointly offered by Sabanci University and the Turkish Advertising Foundation.

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2016 World Languages Day

World Languages Day cosponsored, by GSU-CIBER, was hosted by the Center for Urban Language Teaching and Research (CULTR) of Georgia State University on April 15th. The event welcomed over 400 high school students and provided them opportunities to 

  • meet leaders in international commerce, social services, and government agencies with global connections,
  • explore language-related professions and the language skills that employers seek,
  • discover resources for language learning.

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2016 International Business Case Competition

GSU-CIBER hosted the International Business Case Competition at Georgia State University as part of the Minority Serving Institute Consortium. The competition was held February 25-26, 2016.

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2016 Case

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Dr. Cavusgil discussed political economy, business and media in Turkey.

The event “Friday Conversation Series” was hosted by Dr. S. Tamer Cavusgil, Executive Director, CIBER and Professor, Institute of International Business; interviewed by Dr. Shawn Powers, Associate Professor, Dept. of Communication on January 15th. Prof. Cavusgil explored the interrelationships of political economy, business, and media. He also discussed how they may reinforce, clash, or find harmony in the complex environment of emerging economies. Turkey served as the basis for this discussion.

The event “Friday Conversation Series” established by the Office of International Initiatives at Georgia State University. For more information: Friday Conversation Series >> 


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