Webinar: Does Cultural Resilience Matter in Overcoming Major Disruptions? The Italian Experience with the Global Health Pandemic

Does Cultural Resilience Matter in Overcoming Major Disruptions?

The Italian Experience with the Global Health Pandemic


Dr. Seyda Deligonul, St. John Fisher College

Dr. Giovanna Magnani, University of Pavia

Francesca Sanguineti, Georgia State University


Webinar recording from August 31, 2020

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The global pandemic continues to test national economies, business enterprises, and individuals. Responses to this health emergency have varied, some nations weathering the storm better than others, while others completely failing the test.

What does research suggest in terms of effective responses of nations, business leaders, and individuals to major disruptions or crises? What have previous experiences with mega disruptions taught us? What coping strategies, traits or values have proven to be helpful?

Turning to the current pandemic, the panelists will focus on the specific case of Italy (with occasional comparison to others), and identify the response of the public sector, business leaders, and the society as a whole to the health emergency. Specifically, they will explore how cultural resilience has played a role so far, and what strategies, traits, or values have proven to be helpful. In addition, they address the question: ‘What have the Italians learned from this experience, and what they have re-discovered about themselves?’

Key takeaways:

  • What has been the role of cultural resilience in shaping individual-level responses to major crises? What values, behaviors, and traits seem to be exhibited by individuals.
  • Can cultural resilience help explain business community responses? What have been the resources and strategies deployed by companies?
  • How can the public sector leverage cultural resilience while responding to national crises? Do’s and don’ts from the Italian experience.



About the Speakers

Seyda Deligonul
Professor of Management
St. John Fisher College

Seyda Deligonul has been a Professor of Management at St. John Fisher College since 1989. A recipient of the Dean’s Citation award, one of the highest in the Fisher community, Deligonul teaches business strategy courses and supervises MBA capstone projects. He is an active contributor to the doctoral program at Eli Broad Graduate School at Michigan State University.

His work has appeared in more than 20 journals including Journal of Marketing, Journal of Applied Statistics, Journal of International Marketing, Decision Science, Journal of Applied Probability, Journal of the Operational Research Society, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal Quality Engineering, Journal of Computation, Journal of Simulation and Computation, Journal of Industrial Mathematics, and Journal of Quality Management. His current research interests include topics from inter-organizational relationships, governance issues, and firm performance. He is also an avid artist with nationally-acclaimed work.


Giovanna Magnani
Assistant Professor
Department of Economics and Management
University of Pavia

Giovanna Magnani is an Assistant Professor at the University of Pavia. She has been a visiting scholar at the University of Queensland (Australia) and an invited lecturer at IAE Lyon Management School since 2017. She is part of the faculty board of the Master in Marketing Utilities and Storytelling Techniques. She coordinates the teaching activities of the Applied Economics and Management PhD program (joint Universities of Bergamo and Pavia) where she is lecturer in the Qualitative Methods module.

Since 2014, she has advised local SMEs and industrial associations, such as Confindustria. Giovanna’s research interests include International Entrepreneurship, specifically learning processes and uncertainty-coping strategies in foreign countries; Global Value Chain Dynamics and the impact of Industry 4.0 on their re-configuration, Entrepreneurial Processes such as intention-action gap and cognitive biases; Sustainable Business Models, specifically sharing and circular ventures.


Francesca Sanguineti
PhD Candidate
Georgia State University

Francesca Sanguineti is a doctoral student at Georgia State University. After having occupied managerial roles in the retail fashion industry, she decided to pursue a career in research and academia and began her Ph.D. studies in Applied Economics and Management at the University of Pavia in Italy and recently joined the new doctoral cohort in the Institute of International Business at Georgia State University. She previously spent a semester at Georgia State University in CIBER as a visiting scholar where she had the opportunity to participate in doctoral seminars and workshops, share the experience with insightful colleagues, structure her dissertation thesis, and learn from renowned international scholars. Her research interest fields are International Business and Entrepreneurship, with a particular focus on entrepreneurial exit, fashion, and family business.




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