Decomposing the effects of market knowledge competence in new product export: A dimensionality analysis

Posted On September 27, 2015
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by Li, Tiger, S. Tamer Cavusgil
European Journal of Marketing 34, no. 1/2 (2000): 57-79

Although the importance of market knowledge competence (MKC) in new product export is assumed in the literature, its effects are not empirically tested due to an insufficient understanding of its dimensionality. This research presents a multidimensional framework of MKC in new product export. The model is further tested using data collected from the software companies that export from North America to the global markets. The findings reveal that a multidimensional model of MKC provides a more adequate explanation of new product outcomes than a unidimensional model. The results regarding the MKC components indicate that each component of MKC exerts a positive impact on new product advantage and market performance in host countries.

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