Congratulations to Steven Liu for his position at Leeds University Business School in England

Posted On May 3, 2018

Steven Liu began his Ph.D. studies in his home country of Taiwan, but after meeting Professor Tamer Cavusgil at a research conference, he decided to join Georgia State’s Ph.D. program in International Business. Steven’s research and professional experience focuses on business-to-business relations within the global supply chain. While working for an electronics distributor in Taiwan, Steven saw the importance of these relationships. He hopes his research will be used to improve the skills of these international management teams. Steven recently defended his dissertation and accepted a position at the Leeds University Business School (LUBS) in England. At Leeds, Steven wants to further his research and produce additional publications. He plans to keep in contact with Georgia State’s CIBER and the Institute of International Business, and will be undertaking joint research projects with the faculty and other doctoral alumni. What sets Georgia State’s program apart, according to Steven, is the professor and student dynamic that occurs throughout the program.

“One thing I enjoyed about GSU’s international business group is that the atmosphere is very much family-like. My classmates and I were very collaborative, and alumni often would come back to talk about their experiences. I think this is beneficial because we are creating a network of elite scholars we can collaborate and consult in the future. The program also did a great job of making sure all the students received guidance and mentorship. Our professors provided the most current methodological training and encouraged us to use it in our own research. The annual IB Pedagogy Workshop hosted by Georgia State University CIBER was also a great networking event, and provided me ample opportunities to learn from international scholars. Through GSU-CIBER, I was also able to meet several amazing visiting scholars. Professors Seyda Deligonul, Reuy-Jer Jean, Mateus Ponchio, and Andrea Runfola all left an impact on me. They kindly shared their experiences in data collection, paper writing, and journal publication with all the doctoral students. I’m still in regular contact with a couple of the visiting scholars, and we’re even working on a joint research project. I am forever grateful to Georgia State’s CIBER staff and the international business faculty — they made my Ph.D. experience one of a kind!”