Congratulations to Jingting Liu for her position at University of Colorado-Denver

Posted On May 3, 2018

Before joining the doctoral program in Marketing and International Business at Georgia State University (GSU), Jingting was a volunteer Chinese instructor at the Confucius Institute at GSU. She fell in love with the university and the city of Atlanta, so she returned to GSU to pursue her doctoral education after finishing her master’s degree in China. Having successfully achieved her doctoral degree, Jingting is joining the University of Colorado Denver as an assistant professor of International Business in August 2018. She will continue her research on international entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial innovation, while teaching various courses in the domain of International Business.

“Back in high school, I wouldn’t have imagined myself to be in academia. But now, I can hardly imagine myself being in any other profession. I’m extremely grateful to have met Tamer Hoca, my mentor, who brought me on this journey and helped me achieve this major milestone in my career. I feel very lucky to learn from and work with an excellent group of colleagues at CIBER. Georgia State University CIBER has provided me the opportunity to meet a group of outstanding visiting scholars from all around the world, such as Drs. Seyda Deligonul, Vasiliki Bamiatzi, Kostas Bozos, and Bryan Jean. I also gained tremendous benefits from various conferences, workshops and seminars that CIBER has sponsored. I am very fortunate to join a university that has a CIBER currently. I would love to continue my close connection to CIBER and contribute to the cause of International Business education and research.”