2017: Global Competency Certificate

Posted On May 2, 2017
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Spring 2017 Pilot Program Report

Executive Summary

A demonstration project of GSU-CIBER, the Global Competency Certificate (GCC) program initiative was first piloted with an RCB class during the Spring 2017 semester. The overall purpose of the GCC initiative is to make an impact on the professional development of RCB graduates as globally competent leaders. Today’s business managers are required to be knowledgeable about global issues, and mindful of navigating cultural complexity, building meaningful relationships, and cultivating sustainable resilience.

This report first discusses the context and motivation of conducting the GCC Pilot Program among RCB undergraduate students.  Next, we describe the content and procedures of the GCC Pilot Program as part of an elective course on international business. Third, we share data on student GCC profile change as a result of the pilot project, as well as participant feedback. Fourth, we offer recommendations for future implementation.

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