Workshop Program

Please check back later for a detailed program of the event.

Plenary sessions

  • Instructional Technology and Resources for Teaching International Business
  • Insights from Master Teachers
  • Teaching Effectiveness: What Does Research Show?

Thematic workshops

  • Introduction to International Business (Roberto Garcia, Michael Pustay, Attila Yaprak)
  • International Management (Leigh Anne Liu, Liesl Riddle, Vassiliki Bamiatzi)
  • Essentials of International Finance for IB Educators (Hakan Saraoglu, Konstantinos Bozos)
  • International Entrepreneurship (Patricia McDougall, Manuel Serapio)
  • International Marketing (Erin Cavusgil, Emin Civi, Erkan Ozkaya)

Special Topic Workshops

Competitive Participant Poster Sessions